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INvestment Management

We are completely detached and unincentivized to solicit any particular investment product. Our incentive is simple: grow your money as much as possible within the confines of your tolerance for risk. 

We are accountants by training and conservative by nature. We do not make short-term market-timing investments but look out 3-5 years minimum. We review a company's valuation relative to it's earnings, earnings growth trend, balance sheet health, etc. and review a handful of subscribed research providers' opinions on stocks prior to purchasing them for a client's portfolio. We draw on our experience as accountants to look at companies' financial statements for opportunities and risks and avoid placing faith in numbers that are "adjusted away" from GAAP - generally accepted accounting principals.

Diversification:  We believe that in a global economy, diversification is best achieved by industry sector and investment vehicle, not be geography or market cap. 



The world of retirement plan design, administration, and ongoing investment management oversight is complex. With our ability to speak the same accounting language as your bookkeepers, payroll, and tax professionals, we can serve as the quarterback  for your company retirement plan. We have strong relationships with local tax and bookkeeping professionals and a network of Third Party Pension Plan Consultants to provide an outstanding experience for the business owner and their employees.

Retirement planning & Transition Consulting

From our experience, while nearing retirement is a call for celebration, it also brings with it fear, worry, and a loss of identity. We help our clients with this transition by assessing pension election options, re-balancing company retirement plans, choosing social security filing strategies, purchasing medicare supplement plans, and updating beneficiary designations on life insurance policies, retirement accounts, etc. Handling these stressful areas helps our clients enjoy this transition rather than dread it.

Strategic Philanthropy

Through our strategic partnership with Cogeo and vast network of estate planning attorneys and tax professionals, we can provide expertise on making your gifts count. Planned giving, life insurance as a gift, donor advised funds, charitable remainder and lead trusts, charitable gift annuities, etc. If you want to give, let us coordinate the effort. 

Portfolio Management For Endowments, Foundations, & CHaritable Trusts

With our reasonable and transparent fees, lack of conflicts of interest tied to investment product commissions, credentials, and active volunteering records, we experience great fulfillment managing portfolios that fund various philanthropic or non-profit efforts. Our strategic partnership with Cogeo gives us unique access to experts in all aspects of strategic philanthropy as well as an insider perspective of what qualities we must possess to be a top tier portfolio manager for endowments, foundations, and charitable trusts.


Financial planning means something different to everyone. To us, it's all about being collaborative as almost every financial plan involves working with other members of your financial service team.  Here is a quick list of our practice areas:

Tax Planning
Social Security Filing Strategies
Setting Up Medicare Supplement Plans
Charitable Gifting
Investment Strategies and Reviews
Retirement Planning
Long-term Retirement Success/Fail Projections
Insurance Strategies: Life, Long-term care, Disability, Property, Casualty, and Liability
Home Purchase Planning:  Down Payment Funding and Mortgage Affordability
Buy vs. Lease Analysis
Income Property Feasibility Reviews
College Savings, 529's, and Education Planning
401(k) Design
IRA Rollover
Stock Compensation

Our Rates

We typically bill either a percentage (%) of assets under management, on hourly as needed basis, or some combination of both. We only quote rates after an initial call once we have had time to assess your service need and the complexity of your case.